About Page

Writing for an About Page is truly tough.  I'm not really one to talk much about where we came from or what we want to do with our business.  But, we do like what the future will bring in Reno.  Seriously.  For the first time in at least a dozen years, the economy in Reno is growing at a perfect rate.

One example is my friend that owns Sierra Coin. They're a gold buyer in Reno. Larry says that the gold business is off from what he's used to, But the big thing is that a much lesser amount of people are dumping gold onto the market and in turn, that means that they have cash flow in their lives that allows them to hold onto their precious metals.

Well, back to us - this is, after all, our 'about page'.  We've got 10+ years of carpet repair experience and love to give people results that dazzle them.  Well - that's it!